EP 17 | Showing Up: How to find your brand voice (and teach your team to write in it too)

Content and messaging are the lifeblood of every small business, especially in 2023. But creating all that content can feel like treading water…especially if you struggle with what to say and how to say it.

Whether you’ve hired a team to create your content or you’re a small business owner trying to write it yourself, it’s important to find and define your voice in order to stand out. Once you nail it, you’ll be able to focus on understanding what your audience wants and how to communicate to them in your unique, identifiable voice.

In this episode, Jen Liddy discusses the importance of finding and playing with voice, how to create valuable content for your audience instead of creating content for content’s sake, and why “how to” posts aren’t working anymore.

If you’re ready to create valuable content that will serve your audience, this episode is for you!

Topics covered: 

  • Why every small business owner needs to understand their voice
  • The steps to finding and defining your brand voice for your team
  • Why creating value is more important than creating content 
  • The real purpose of free content (it’s not what you think)
  • What to share instead of “how to” posts
  • Her four part framework to help your audience see themselves in your writing

Jen Liddy is a copy, messaging, and content strategist. She helps small business owners figure out what to say and how to say it, employing a personalized approach and realistic frameworks to create a marketing strategy that makes money and frees up time. 

With a background in teaching at the high school and college levels, Jen’s special sauce is applying her natural teaching ability to help you pull language out of your head and apply it to content, marketing, and messaging that lands with your audience.

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