EP 18 | Cracking the Code: 4 Tips for Email Success

Social media and video marketing might be all the buzz right now, but email is still the best marketing tool. In this episode, I am digging in and sharing tips on how you can get your emails opened, read, and clicked on. Wouldn't we all love to have a clear answer to this question?

Get yourself geared up to listen to the four best tips I have handpicked from a group of successful business owners, all aimed at taking your email marketing strategy to the next level!



Topics covered: 

  • Learn how your subject line and preview text should work together and why they're crucial for hooking your readers
  • Discover Jill's tried-and-true method for nurturing relationships with her subscribers
  • Compare two approaches to writing email content 
  • Understand when and why to share anecdotes in your email (and find success while experimenting!)
  • Learn Emily repurposes content from social media channels to keep her audience engaged
  • Find out why unsubscribes aren't always a bad thing
  • Use Belinda's clever subject line pattern interrupt strategy to stand out from the crowd and make sure your emails never sound the same

If you were asked to share your number one tip for email marketing, what would it be? Send me a message on LinkedIn or Instagram to let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

A special thank you to Belinda Rosenblum, Jill Wichner, Celia Arias, and Emily Reagan for their tips (connect with them below). 

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