EP 20 | Quizzes: The Power of Personalized Marketing with Linda Sidhu

In this episode, Linda Sidhu shares why a personality quiz is more than just a (super effective) lead magnet and how to create one that does double duty as your #1 customer research tool.

 If you want to lure in your leads like Y2K teenagers to a Cosmo quiz and learn what makes them tick, tune in and learn how to create click-worthy quizzes that'll have your leads glued to their screens and filling out forms faster than you can ask, "Brad Pitt or George Clooney?"

Topics covered: 

  • Why quizzes and stroking your audience's ego are the ultimate marketing power couple
  • How quizzes can make or break your marketing funnel (and why you need to be using them STAT)
  • The unexpected places you can plug quizzes into your sales process for maximum impact
  • The undeniable power of podcasting and how to use quizzes to attract leads like a magnet
  • How to add context and emotional depth to your content with quizzes that connect with your audience
  • The top three questions every business needs to ask their super fans for killer market research

Linda Sidhu is a list-building expert who helps entrepreneurs create irresistible personality quizzes that attract hundreds of new subscribers on autopilot.

As a former top ten pharmaceutical sales representative, she had extensive training in personality types. She took the same methods that worked for selling products face-to-face and turned them into a personality quiz framework that converts views to leads at 70% and helps craft personalized marketing for her customers.

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