EP 21 | The Power of Empathetic Listening and Sensory Storytelling for Your Brand with Zafira Rajan

Are you ready to increase marketing engagement through active listening and powerful storytelling?

In this episode, Zafira Rajan brings you an immersive exploration of how being an empathetic listener can transform your copywriting game. Discover the art of sensory storytelling, the magic of dialogue, and the delicate balance between personal anecdotes and audience resonance.

Get ready to uncover the secrets of crafting impactful content that captures hearts and puts your audience in the room with you.

Topics covered: 

  • How to make the art of listening your marketing superpower
  • The key elements of sensory storytelling in emails
  • Why you should connect the dots between your story and your brand message
  • Harnessing the power of brand recognition
  • Zafira’s framework for crafting a sensory customer journey through written content
  • The value of owning your unique narrative style
  • How to train your marketer to write in your brand voice

Zafira Rajan is a copywriter and brand strategist who helps entrepreneurs unblock their voices, harness their creative energy, and write sensory stories that connect with their audience.

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