EP 22 | Adapt and Thrive: How to Navigate Pivots in Your Business

When Kami and Danielle took a leap of faith and opened their clothing boutique, they had no idea what challenges lay ahead. But one pandemic and several business shifts later, Kami and Danielle are not only able to say they survived—they thrived!

As business owners, we’re asked to make lots of decisions each day. “Do I need to answer that email today?” “Did that order get placed?” “Should I wear meeting-appropriate-pants?” But when it comes to those BIG business decisions like whether to re-open your brick and mortar doors or where to invest your marketing dollars—they can feel a little more daunting.

Kami and Danielle sat down with me to talk about their business journey over the last 5 years, the lessons they’ve learned, and the advice they have for other small business owners.

Topics Covered:

  • The best marketing tactics for in-person and online businesses
  • The importance of playing to your natural strengths (and either working with a partner or hiring out tasks)
  • Why relationship marketing is the most important type of marketing
  • Email marketing—how to use it since *it’s so not dead!*
  • The importance of diversifying your sales channels to attract new customers 
  • How to run a successful business without a marketing background

Kami Harris & Danielle Dion met five years ago and bonded over faith and fashion. Their friendship evolved from acquaintances to a deep sense of camaraderie (which doubles as the name of their store). Both women had a strong desire to work toward their passion and over time the idea of a clothing and accessory boutique was born.


Connect with Kami & Danielle:

Camaraderie Style Website

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