EP 23 | Pitch Perfect: How to create a unique & meaningful podcast pitch

Should you pitch a podcast yourself or hire an agency? In this episode, I’m unveiling the exact process I use to pitch myself and build out pitch lists for my clients. It’s easier than you’d think to stand out from the crowd!

Landing a guest spot on a podcast will grow your audience, your authority, and—ultimately—your business. Podcasting is also a powerful marketing strategy when executed well so you avoid wasting your time and the host’s time. Whether you’re just getting started on your podcast guesting journey, or you’ve landed some big ones, this episode has all the ingredients you need to make podcasts core to your visibility strategy.

Topics Covered:

  • Why you should consider podcast guesting as part of your marketing plan
  • The number one thing podcast hosts want to see in a pitch
  • How to create the best podcast pitch template
  • The different ways podcasts like to receive pitches
  • Tips to avoid hearing crickets when you reach out to podcasts
  • The best way to select podcast interview topics
  • How to ensure your audience will listen to all of your podcast interviews

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