EP 25 | Buyer Psychology and Identifying the Four Buyer Types with Sage Polaris

It’s tough to know what to say on your website or sales page in a “normal year.” But throw in inflation and a looming recession and things get… much more complicated. To keep sales steady, you need a deep understanding of your buyers, their motivations, and how to speak directly to their hesitations. Especially on your website, the first place many of your potential customers land.   

That’s why I called on expert conversion copywriter Sage Polaris to discuss buyer psychology and how to speak to the four buyer types in your marketing copy. We started by diving into the traits of the four buyer types and how to recognize their buying behaviors, using the cast of the Simpsons as our guide. (Yep, we’re talking Bart, Homer, Marge, and Lisa.)

Sage shares the very specific changes you’ll want to make to your copy, offer suite, sales process, and to your next promotion to connect with each buyer. If you—like many other business owners—have seen a decline in sales in 2023, you aren’t going to want to miss this episode!

Topics Covered:

  • How to quickly spot the four buyer types in your audience
  • How to appeal to the way each person makes buying decisions
  • Is niching as important as everyone makes it out to be?
  • How buyer behavior has changed due to inflation
  • What each buyer type is looking for on your web pages and sales pages
  • How to best incorporate testimonials, brand photos, CTA buttons, storytelling, referral marketing, music lyrics, and more
  • How to leverage referral marketing
  • Ways to modify offers and marketing activities to get more people in the door during challenging economic times

Sage Polaris has written high-converting copy for more than 475+ projects earning them millions of dollars. She helps personal brands and service providers sell more of their service or offer with the words on their website. 

She has worked with Teachable, Rick Mulready, and Lynne Twist. Basically, she makes money for the “internet famous” people we all look up to.


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