EP 26 | How to Optimize Digital Ads and Increase Conversion Rates with Paul Pruitt

Digital ads. The idea makes most business owners (and their marketers) glaze over. They think “let’s hire an expert for that.” But the truth is, you as the business owner need to understand ads even if you have an expert on board. 

Today’s guest, Meta ads expert, Paul Pruitt, is breaking down this complex and technical topic in a way that non-techies can understand. Whether you’re working with an agency, an ads guru, going the DIY route, or considering adding digital ads to your marketing strategy, you won’t want to miss this episode!

Topics Covered:

  • Making sure the right people see your ads
  • How to lower your conversion costs 
  • How to strategically retarget ads
  • How to leverage LinkedIn with Meta ads (yep, you read that right)  
  • The real reason your ads are tanking (hint: It’s not IOS updates or privacy changes)
  • Paul’s step by step rescue plan for fixing ads that aren’t performing
  • What to consider when running digital ads for local businesses
  • Determining ad metrics to track based on your unique business goals

During his lifelong passion for entrepreneurship, Paul has built several multi-million dollar businesses across many different industries including real estate, photography, education, and online marketing.

Driven to help other business owners enjoy that same level of success and satisfaction in their own businesses, Paul shares his business journey, the lessons he's learned, and his best business strategies through in-person and online events worldwide. He's also a published author and featured in several publications, including Entrepreneur.


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