EP 29 | Crush Q4 with this Planning Blueprint with Kristin Lawton

There’s SO much in marketing that we could be doing that sometimes it feels like “Where do I even start?” It’s tough enough to follow up with all your client commitments, but taking time to work on the business? Something’s got to give, right? Not so, according to today’s guest, Kristin Lawton!

Kristin’s here to share her systematic approach that breaks down each quarter into small sprints so you can carve out that essential time to focus on your business—which is especially crucial at the end of the year. Make sure you stay til the end of the episode where Kristin gives specific action items to help you cross the right things off your to-do list before the end of the year—whether you’re a business owner or a marketer supporting one!


Topics Covered:

  • How to plan for personal and professional goals and priorities
  • Determining how much time you have each week to tackle different projects
  • Why you should structure your business building activities into 6 week blocks
  • Her tips for turning the Know, Like, Trust factor into a tangible thing
  • What you should specifically focus on in Q4
  • How Q4 differs for online businesses and brick and mortar businesses
  • The ideal quarter to conduct a brand and marketing audit
  • Making the most of even small pockets of time
  • The biggest mistakes Kristin sees people make in not using their time wisely

Ready to grow your brand and get a handle on your marketing once and for all without the overwhelm? Then you need Kristin Lawton of District Brand Bar behind the bar with you. Kristin uses her decades of experience to help solopreneurs and small businesses craft their brand and marketing foundation and mix the best systems and routines to help them market their brand efficiently, effectively and effortlessly!


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