EP 3 | 3 Myths Small Business Owners Need To Stop Believing

Here’s what to expect from this episode:

When you first thought about hiring someone to manage your marketing, did you expect them to immediately take the reins and seamlessly execute the plan? After making the hire, did you find out that wasn't the case? In fact, it was the opposite. Instead of seeing the big picture, they often come to you for direction. This brings me to the point of today’s episode. I’ll bust three myths that can lead small business owners to hire the wrong people and tell you what to do instead.


To hire the right marketing person, small business owners need to stop believing three myths…

Topics covered:

  • There are two types of marketers: visionaries and implementers
  • Which comes first: your hire or your strategy?
  • Hiring someone before you’ve mapped out what you need
  • Social media and brand growth are different

Still have questions about this? Be sure to download the Action Sheet to help you avoid these three hiring mistakes when you're ready to hire someone to help you with your marketing! Which of these busted myths resonated with you the most? Send me a message on LinkedIn or Instagram to let me know. I'd love to hear from you!

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