EP 30 | 3 Content Repurposing Strategies That Drive Visibility & Grow Trust

In today’s episode, I’m diving into three ways you can strategically repurpose content to improve visibility (aka, get found).

But before you jump in, I highly recommend that you listen to the previous podcast where I dive into my STAR Framework. It will provide valuable context and make everything we discuss today much clearer.

The purpose of creating content is to establish trust with your ideal audience. But you can’t build trust if your ideal clients aren’t seeing or can’t remember your content.

It's crucial to adopt a strategic approach that includes effective keyword strategies and optimizing your content for SEO. 

Topics Covered:

  • Strategies to increase the chances of your content being seen and remembered
  • How many times your audience needs to see your message to remember you
  • Why you should deliver messages to people at different stages of the customer journey
  • My best tips to get Google to like you
  • What internal and external links are and why they’re important
  • How to build trust and authority around a topic

Knowing what you know now about the reasons behind content repurposing, did you notice anything I didn’t cover? Let me know on Instagram or LinkedIn.


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