EP 33 | 3 Steps to Creating a Small Business PR Strategy with Adela Hussain

Many small business owners approach publicity and media pitching with an “I’ll get to it someday” mindset. Others think “I’m not good enough” or “I can’t talk about my business, it’s not perfect yet!” The truth is—perfect isn’t relatable. And, as you’ll hear my guest Adela Hussain share, journalists need and want to feature relatable stories. 

In today’s episode, Adela shares 3 very simple steps to help you overcome doubt and create a powerful media pitch. She also shares what not to do and we discuss why media is key to your visibility strategy. So no more waiting for permission or perfection before approaching the media—tune in and start to shift your media mindset with us!

Topics Covered:

  • What you need to successfully pitch the media
  • How to craft a compelling cold pitch that has a 90% success rate
  • What types of stories journalists want to publish
  • Overcoming perfectionism, procrastination, and imposter syndrome
  • Adela’s media ritual that could be your foot in the door for a media feature
  • How to connect with journalists in your industry
  • How to connect with journalists you want to pitch

Adela Hussain is a disruptive publicist and a master at helping her clients land media removing the gatekeeper and building authentic connections with the media. 

She has been featured in the BBC, The Sunday Times, The Guardian, The Independent, Stylist, Psychologies, Metro and 10 other publications. She was also a finalist in Cosmopolitan’s Self Made Award in 2017 and in 2018 she was in Sarah Woods’ Top 10 Female Founders In The UK To Watch list.


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