EP 36 | Scaling a Service-Based Business with Corinne Morahan

If you’re a business owner who is too mired down in client work to figure out how to grow your business - this episode is for you! 

As a service provider, finding the time to work on the “business-side” of your business is a huge challenge. It’s why so many of us get stuck in a cycle of working long hours, fulfilling the services we provide, but not increasing our net income. 

Today’s guest, Corinne Morahan, is peeling back the curtain and sharing exactly how she took her home organizing business from a one-person show to a highly profitable business with teams and multiple revenue streams.  We discuss everything from figuring out what your audience wants and defining that big business vision to thinking through strategic partnerships and hiring teammates. And Corinne’s “I do. You do. We do.” framework is pure genius! This episode is a crash course in getting out from under your business so you can work on your business.

In this episode, we cover:

  • The exact steps Corinne took to scale her in-person professional organizing business from a 1-person service to a highly profitable company with teams and multiple revenue streams
  • A 3-step process for onboarding and training team members to fill your shoes with clients
  • How to grow your local business through partnerships and digital marketing strategies
  • What to do when you notice an offer isn’t getting any traction
  • Why industry saturation is actually an opportunity for solopreneurs

Corinne Morahan is a Speaker, Strategist and Coach, leading the industry in strategies to take action to create a life you love. As the Founder and CEO of Grid + Glam, her work has been featured in The Boston Globe, Architectural Digest, New York Magazine, HGTV Magazine, NBC News and more. Her 37K followers on Instagram love her for her sharp wit, sassy sense of humor and willingness to take action where others may quit.

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