EP 37 | Increase Sales Conversions with Jamie Gulino Davis

Sales conversations can be one of the most dreaded parts of business for many entrepreneurs. Even when there’s great energy and the conversation is flowing, it can be awkward to close the sale. What if it could actually be fun? What if you could confidently guide a prospect through a sales call and maybe even increase your conversion rates with a couple of tiny tweaks - without feeling salesy?

Good news - you can increase your conversion rate without high pressure tactics. 

Jamie Gulino Davis joins me today on the podcast to share the steps she takes to help her clients achieve 70% conversion rates (yes, really!). The sales strategies covered in this interview apply whether you run an in person business or keep it virtual. 

In this episode, you’ll:

  • Uncover the secret to leading non-cringey sales calls. 
  • Learn the 90-second successful sales conversion framework.
  • Discover how to genuinely and empathetically handle investment objections.How Jamie became known for 70%+ conversion rates
  • How to keep an excited lead from going cold
  • What to do after closing the sale, before you begin working with that client

Jamie Gulino Davis is a sales strategist and the creator of StandOut Sales. She's a powerhouse of knowledge, experience, and fiercely positive energy. She brings a wealth of valuable teaching in the areas of high ticket offer conversions, team development, relationship building, and strategic thinking. Jamie has an impeccable reputation for curating sales teams that convert at seventy percent plus during 7-figure launches and events.

Are you feeling more confident about sales calls and strategies? I would love to hear from you! DM me on Instagram and let’s keep this conversation going!


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