EP 38 | Get Clear on Ideal Clients & Offers to Grow Your Revenue

Are you struggling to get all the different pieces of your marketing to work together in a perfect sales funnel? Wouldn’t it be great if your visibility efforts brought paying clients to you with consistency and ease? 

In this episode, I am coaching Tanmeet Sethi, a physician entrepreneur, on how to leverage her enviable visibility (she’s an author and a TEDX speaker) to drive sales. First, we’re getting clear on her ideal clients, teasing out the targeted language she needs to use, and packaging her offers so it’s clear to her audience that they need to work with her. 

My guess is you’ll relate to Tanmeet’s questions and our conversation will provide clarity about marketing gaps (and how to fix them) in your own business. 

In this episode, we cover:

  • How to tease out messaging that will attract the right clients
  • How a quiz can help you present your ideal audience the right offer
  • What to do when you don’t serve just one demographic
  • Why big visibility opportunities don’t automatically attract paying clients
  • Identifying your ideal customer through psychographics
  • How to become findable for those who need you and your services
  • What a low commitment offer is and why you might want to develop one

Tanmeet Sethi, MD is an Integrative and Psychedelic Medicine Physician, activist, author, and TEDx speaker who has dedicated her career to care for the most marginalized patients in Seattle’s refugee, uninsured and homeless populations as well as global communities traumatized by manmade and natural disasters. Her first book, Joy Is My Justice: Reclaim Yours Now, published in May 2023, is a radical call to claim Joy as our birthright. She is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Washington and a primary clinical investigator on the sacred plant medicine, psilocybin. In her clinical practice, she weaves modern and ancient medicine to catalyze the most profound healing. 


Did you find the laser coaching session with Tanmeet helpful for your own business? I’d love to hear your takeaways! Come say hi on LinkedIn or Instagram.


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