EP 47 | A Guide to Growing Sales through Strategic Offer Timing

In today's episode, you'll have the chance to eavesdrop as I coach entrepreneur Brenda Winkle. Her dedication to helping clients has led her to develop courses, group programs, a private coaching program, e-books, and even published a book. 

Her email list and audience are growing rapidly, but sales aren’t keeping pace. There are so many ways to work with her…so what gives? In this episode, we get to the bottom of what’s keeping her prospects from saying ‘yes’ and hitting the ‘buy’ button.

Listen in as we clarify Brenda's messages and streamline her offer sequence, ensuring her prospects receive the right offer at the perfect time and understand its value.

In this episode, we cover:


  • Diagnosing and treating sales and marketing challenges in your business
  • What to include on your website homepage to attract leads and get conversions
  • Streamlining your offers by creating upsells and downsells.
  • Dripping your offers according to the customer journey framework


Brenda Winkle is an educator, healer, speaker, and guide who helps sensitive and successful high performers find, reclaim and live from their full embodied YES. Through energy healing, breathwork and somatic coaching Brenda guides her clients to their Yes Filled Lives.

Did you find this live coaching session helpful? Find me on Instagram @sunny.logdson and DM me to let me know! 


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