EP 42 | Blogging, AI, and Your Marketing Strategy: Podcast Swap with Emily Reagan

As we wind down the year, I’m introducing you to a couple of business podcasts by sharing their episodes on Marketer For Hire. Today’s episode is from Emily Reagan’s Digital Marketing Unicorns Unite podcast, and she’s discussing why blogs are making a comeback and how AI can help your marketer use blogging in your marketing strategy.

I’ve shared before how content repurposing can increase your visibility. Well, Emily dives into why you need a blog and how blogging is different from the days of the early aughts. If you think you don’t need a blog, think again. And, while AI can never replace content written by a human, it can make the job faster and easier for your team.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The role of blogging in a digital marketing strategy
  • How to strategically blog so you can reach your ideal client
  • The link between blogging and SEO
  • Emily’s take on repurposing blogs and creating evergreen content
  • How AI tools can help your marketing VA

Emily Reagan is the founder of the Unicorn Digital Marketing Assistant School, and teaches women how to become an in-demand virtual digital marketing assistant.

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